Your journey with the TrueFertility Program

This program is strictly designed for couples who are committed to understanding their problems more deeply so they can make smarter decisions in their journey and avoid any more expense on unnecessary treatments and consultation.

TrueFertility is a series of assessments which helps us precisely understand infertility challenges in you.

We identify the root cause of your problem and design a treatment plan that will minimize any risk to you or your baby during pregnancy. We leave absolutely no room for doubt in your childbirth so you avoid any unwanted complications.

There are three fertility assessments; TrueFertility Lite, TrueFertility Comprehensive and TrueFertility Plus. The fertility assessments increase in complexity, if your first assessment reveals the source of the problem, you may not need to progress to the next assessment. Couples who are unaware of their fertility status require certain tests. Different tests are required for a couple who have already undergone treatment without success.

TrueFertility Lite is the first and most accessible step toward diagnosing the challenge.
We recommend True Fertility Lite for:

  • Individuals or couples who have had no prior consultation or treatment
  • Couples who are unsure of their fertility challenges


There is more to a TrueFertility assessment than diagnosing the reasons for your fertility challenges and presenting the correct treatment plan. What sets TrueFertility apart is the fact that each assessment is a package of services which add value and ensure an all-round reassuring experience.

After your initial consultation at Miracle Clinic, we may recommend a TrueFertility assessment. You may also choose to request a TrueFertility assessment directly from us, without the need for an initial consultation. Prior to your review consultation, women are required to have specific hormone analyses done. These results will be discussed with you on the day following the transvaginal scan and semen analysis.

At the end of your TrueFertility assessment, your doctor will review all the tests and procedures undergone and give you a comprehensive multi-page report. This report will help you to understand the challenges you face and will be clear and easy to understand. You can take it home to study at your leisure.

Choosing TrueFertility also allows you to benefit from our partnership with Bajaj Finance. We understand the financial impact that specialist medical care has on a family. Through our partnership, we are able to provide our clients with various financial planning products to assist them in receiving the required care.

Coping with infertility can be traumatic and place an unnecessary strain on your relationship. Stress can make becoming pregnant even more difficult. We believe in supporting the emotional as well as the physical wellbeing of our patients and, when you choose TrueFertility, you can consult one of our professional counselors at no additional cost. He or she will give you invaluable support throughout your assessments and subsequent treatments.

TrueFertillty for Men
The easiest and least invasive way to determine one of the major causes of conception challenges.
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TrueFertility for Women
A good, initial assessment to evaluate hormone levels and it includes a transvaginal scan.
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TrueFertility Lite
We always recommend that couples do their respective assessments together as conception challenges are not a one-sided condition. TrueFertility Lite includes the hormone analysis for women, the transvaginal scan and the semen analysis for men.
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TrueFertility Plus

If your initial assessments indicate that you may need specialist care (IUI or IVF), our laboratory requires you to do a full infection screening ahead of treatment.

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Standard Investigation Review
Some of our patients are referred by their doctors to start IVF treatment with Miracle Fertility Centre. Before treatment can commence, we require all our patients to undergo a comprehensive assessment if they have not followed any of the TrueFertility packages.
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TrueFertility is available at our Medical Centres and Fertility Centres. Request an appointment online here. If you book any of our TrueFertility assessments, there is no need to make an initial consultation with a specialist, saving you INR XXXXX.


TrueFertility is the easiest and most non-invasive way to establish the cause of your fertility challenges. Take the first step towards having an understanding of those challenges. Request a TrueFertility assessment here or call us on (+91) 044 4859376

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