Advanced Procedures
Invitro Maturation
Fertility Preservation
Egg Freezing and ovarian tissue freezing
Cytoplasmic transfer
Miracle Advanced Reproductive Centre
Remarkable progress has been made in the treatment of infertility since the birth of the first test-tube baby, Louise Brown in 1978 by the pioneering work by Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Prof. Robert Edwards of Bourn Hall, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

From that time, some of the advanced procedures were available only in the Western countries. At Miracle Advanced Reproductive Centre, we have pioneered to bring in these advanced procedures to India.

Take a minute to think if you/ your friends/ relatives fall in this category
  • Not having a child yet
  • Depressed
  • Embarrassed
  • Ashamed
The solution is very much here in Chennai at our dedicated centre for infertility treatment. Our specialists have worked abroad in different countries like US, UK and Middle East, and we bring together a cumulative experience of more than 70 years in infertility treatments

At Miracle Advanced Reproductive Centre, we strongly believe that Motherhood is the birth right of every woman and no woman should be deprived of the same. We are here to deliver hope, confidence and a new meaning of life to the childless couple

We maintain the trust, privacy and confidentiality of every person attending the centre. During your treatment you would be able to see one of our doctors as often as necessary to discuss the progress of your treatment cycle.

So you can walk in with Confidence and walk out with Results.